WT4 1/10 RC Road Rescue Vehicle KIT


WT4 is scaled according to 1/10 of the real car:
Overall vehicle length: 778 mm
The maximum width of the vehicle: 297 mm
Vehicle height: 271 mm
Wheelbase: 445mmTail plate length: 520 mm
Tailgate Width: 279 mm

The brand new WT4 will be sold in the form of KIT version, the body is made of high-quality ABS injection molding,
With realistic engine and cabin interior.
The chassis is made of all metal, two-speed, manually adjustable rear axle differential lock,
Simulation lighting system, electric rescue platform operating system.

Note: Players need to install spraying and debugging by themselves, and need to purchase brushed ESC x1, standard steering servo x1, 25g medium-sized shift servo x1, 6-channel or above remote control equipment x1.

WT4 adopts front motor (simulation engine) rear single shaft twin tire drive,
Power rear axle with manually adjustable open differential lock,
It has light off-road and trouble-free capabilities on non-paved roads.
The WT4 tail rescue platform is equipped with an electric lifting and sliding system,
The system is driven by double electric screws and equipped with an integrated electric control operating system developed by Crossrc itself.
Only one 3-speed switch channel needs to be reserved to simulate the whole process of loading and unloading operations.
It can be matched with the 1/10 field with the largest stock at present, and flat running, pulling, drifting and simulated climbing can all be well integrated into the scene.


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