Tamiya Trailer 1/14 5-axis Flatbed Tractor RTR with Lighting


Product Specifications:

Name: 5-axle flatbed trailer

Size: length 120cm, width 23cm

Product status: RTR finished product with spray paint

Color: blue (can be customized color)

Size and color can be customized, friends in need can contact customer service, thank you!


① Laser full-page cutting of one-piece beam, one-piece side

②Upgrade the stainless steel production process of the whole vehicle, there are no screw holes on the surface, which is more delicate and beautiful, which is unmatched by aluminum alloy production.

③Five-axis aluminum alloy wheels, thickened shock absorbers, and thick aluminum alloy unpowered axles, which are processed and matched with their own equipment. The total wall thickness of the real axles is close to 4 mm, and the load can be about 200 catties.

④Sandblasting before painting to increase adhesion, custom paint color, whole car paint process, primer + color paint + varnish, the paint surface is thick, bright and more wear-resistant

⑤Standard: Seven pairs of tail hooks, sandblasted aluminum alloy skid plate

⑥Standard configuration: engineering rotating lights, color side lights, obvious effect at night

⑦Configure electric tail board


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