RC Car Buggy Crawler Jumper


Simple Portable Springboard

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Platform features

1. Foldable, easy to carry, width 85cm, enough for general RC Car use.
(If you think that the width is not enough, you can buy two and combine them to form a large springboard)
2. Sturdy and durable, the bracket is made of stainless steel, the strength is very good, the panel is nylon material, 3mm thickness, our store has personally tested, the quality is very good, the structure is stable.
3. Adjustable slope, suitable for different models and different needs. The structure is also very simple and not heavy.

Compared with the springboard made of pvc pipe, ours is more convenient and the strength is better, because our store has tested the pvc pipe, the pipe of the slope curvature is poor after bending, it is easy to break. And our price is low and easy to fold.



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