LESU Forklift 1/14 RD-A0014 RC Loader


Item condition: New, Unassembled and Unpainted.
Scale: 1/14
Material: Metal, Plastic
Car Shell Material: aluminum alloy+stainless steel (door can be opened)
Size: 464*192*269mm
Drive Type: front-wheel drive
Wheelbase: 235.3mm
Axle reduction ratio: 1:3
Front-wheel specification/mm: diameter 82 * width 46
Rear wheel specification/mm: diameter 82 * width 46
Maximum pressure of hydraulic workstation/mpa: 3.5
Rated pressure of hydraulic workstation/mpa: 3
Motor speed (r/min): 196; 12V

The package includes:
1/14 RC Hydraulic Forklift Model
Hydraulic System (With 6CH Reversing Valve)
Light System
Sound System

The Package Does Not Include:
Remote Controller and Receiver
Hydraulic Oil

1. Metal CNC shell
2. Front-wheel drive, built-in differential of the front axle.
3. Rear steering axle with suspension.
4. Precision hydraulic system: more coordinated, smooth and linear action.
5. Hydraulic front fork and hydraulic gantry.
6. Front fork width is adjustable.
7. 6-way reversing valve hydraulic system, the reserved 4-way reversing valve can use a variety of upgraded parts.
8. Double-row precision simulation chain, which is more stable and reliable.
9. Door can be opened.
10. The body rear is attached with a towing hook.
11. The gantry is equipped with a built-in bearing, which makes the action more coordinated, smooth, stable and reliable.
12. High simulation light and sound system.

Parameters (unit: mm):
A. Height from the top of the cockpit to the ground: 235.9
B. Maximum height of expansion frame from the ground: 405
C. Body length: 325.4
D. Wheel base of tire: 235.3
E. Maximum height of lifting front fork: 301.7
F. Body width: 192
G. Maximum lateral extension distance of front fork: 152.4
H. Maximum one-way extension distance of front fork: 59
I. Minimum ground clearance: 15
J. Tyre center distance: 133.3
K. Distance between front fork and drive wheel center: 78.1
L. Gantry height: 269
M. Rear hatch cover ground clearance: 152.6
N. Front fork thickness: 5
O. Minimum pivot point distance: 100
P. Turning radius: 330
Q. Maximum distance from rear wheel suspension to the ground: 3

Fun forklifts with cool colors (colors are for reference only, players can design and color by themselves)


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