In Stock 1/14 LR 636 RC Hydraulic Loader


Product Options:

KIT version: standard version (2-way directional valve) unpainted, unassembled;

RTR version: Standard version (2-way directional valve) painted, assembled;

KIT-1 version: high-end version (4-way reversing valve) unpainted and unassembled;

RTR-2 version: The high-end version (4-way reversing valve) has been painted and assembled, including the remote control.

(Color can be customized)

All-metal track loader debuts!

The metal deepens the walking track, which increases the grip on the dirt ground of the construction site,

Thickened CNC made metal shell, equipped with stainless steel bucket.

The hydraulic system is equipped with hydraulic reversing valve, (standard 2-way, high with 4-way reversing valve) brushless ESC,

Oil pumps, oil cylinders, etc. form a precise hydraulic system, and the movements are more coordinated and linear.

The loader has its own lighting, double-layer stainless steel bacon, and a sound system, which is more realistic and full of details.

The difference between the standard version and the high-end version is the tail tow hook and the opening and closing bucket. The high-end version will be updated later, so stay tuned!



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