Attractive Design:

Huina 1562 RC Simulation Fire Truck’s design is quite good looking, and its red colour looks like a real fire truck. Weighing only 4.75 kg, your kid can move the truck manually at times.


The construction of this remote control fire truck is outclassed and made up of non-toxic ABS plastic. It remains stable during operations, so you don’t need to worry about its falling. The water sprayer can spray the water with enormous pressure that reaches enough length.

Powerful Remote Control:

The remote control of Huina 1562 remote control construction toy is powerful enough to maintain an uninterrupted connection. So, your kid can operate it from a long distance of about 30 meters.


The light and especially the alarming emergency sound let them understand everything about fire and workers’ real situations. In terms of kid’s health concern, this RC fire truck is also safe. You can make an order just right now from Huina.


Weight                                 4.75 kg

Control Distance                30 meters

Battery Capacity                1200 mAh

Battery Life                         45 minutes

Dimensions                         61.8 x 22 x 28.5 cm


  • Light, bright coloured, and realistic design
  • Battery capacity and battery life are far better.
  • Water sprayer has high pressure.


  • Light is not much visible in the day time.


2020 New Design HUINA 1:14 Simulation Fire Truck toy Remote Control Car Tanker rc car rc trucks With water spray


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