HG P806 TRASPED 1:12 Heavy Equipment


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Basic information Brand:HG

Item No:HG-P806
Scale: 1/12
Color:Desert yellow and army green

Speed:According to tractor performance and load

Power System Tail Plate Lifting Motor:JTE-260S-13260-38

Main Control Board:HG318 main control board with lighting effects and stuck protection

Transmitter Frequency: 2.4G
Remote Distance:With dragging tractor, about 80 meters
Battery Battery for the Trailer:3X 1.5V AA battery(not included)
Other MaterialL:Hardware,plastic and electronic components Dimension Trailer Size:1172(1038)×269×245mm
Wheelbase:102mm × 102mm
Wheel Margin: 269mmWheel Diameter:R85mm



1.Max Climbing Angle: 15°/ 2 meters long slope

2.Max Turning Radius: 2 meters

3. Max Load: 40KG

4.Raising Angle of Tail Plate: 120°

5.Max Span Width: 180mm

6.Protection Function: When the tailboard is blocked when rising or falling, it will automatically stop to prevent the tailboard from being damaged due to excessive force.

7.Total length: 1172mm (the tail plate is lowered) 1038mm (the tail plate is raised)

This product belongs to low panel semi trailer category,the beam adopts the same ladder frame structure as the real car,choose high quality alloy material, the net weight of whole vehicle reaches 10.5KG,solid and reliable.The rated load of semi trailer loading zone is 40KG,mainly used to transport large construction machinery, large military equipments, tanks and other large model vehicles.

The front part of semi trailer is equipped with an all-metal semi-automatic retractable front foot support,simple and reliable operation,and more outstanding mechanical sense, practical simulation combined. HG-P806 adopts the “double line and three axes” active balanced steel suspension structure,The front and rear axles of the suspension are stressed equally, and the left and right do not interfere with each other.

The semi trailer of HG-P806 is equipped with automatic elevator ladder and double pass-through load protection electric control module, with double flashing lights, which can be directly taken by the receiver and independently controlled by the remote controller, or manually realized by the button switch at the front of the semi trailer.HG-P806 belongs to the whole box of bulk configuration, which has been finished at the factory (the buttom color has been finished). Players can DIY all the appearance parts and the assembly of the activity mechanism by themselves, and they can add the personalized painting according to their preference.

The drag and drop join structure of semi trailer is mainly made to suit HENGGUAN MODEL HG-P802 military towing grinder, also compatible with the same proportion of tractor truck on the market, and can be controlled by changing the tractor truck at will.


The rc car and tank are not included in the package

You need to assemble this trailer kit by yourself

Package Included:
1X RC Trailer Kit

1X Remote Controller

1X Manual

1X Sticker

1X 1.5mm Allen Screwdriver

1X 2.0mm Allen Wrench

1X 2.5mm Allen Wrench

1X Cross Wrench (Small)

1X Small Wrench

1X Nylon Cable Tie 3*150mm (Black)


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