CROSSRC launches 1:10 6WD through Crawler car EMO AT6
The AT6 is the fifth model in the EMO series. A third-axle axle was added to the platform of the EMO ultra-low center of gravity equipment layout. The new car retains controllable two-speed, three-axis differential lock (front and rear independent steering gear control), reinforced door axles, and 120mm MUD mud tires as standard. Make your off-road journey even more powerful.

RTR configuration to play (battery and charger need to be purchased separately)

The KIT version includes the frame, the transparent car shell (including the light group), and the motor.


The EMO ultra-low center of gravity distribution chassis simulates the front power, split transfer case, and all-wheel drive of a real hardcore off-road vehicle. And combined with the curb weight, the balance is optimized, making you more handy when off-road.

Third shaft drive:

Combining years of experience in off-road multi-axle trucks, we adopt the “cross-bridge” transmission method for the third axle drive of AT6. 1:10 The more gameplay of crossing the climbing car is to rush slopes and cross obstacles. Combined with the reaction force of large-diameter tires, the up and down swing amplitude of the second and third axles is different. At this time, the size of the bevel teeth of the second axle is shared. The impact force is much greater than the first and third axes. However, the swing range and attitude of the second and third axles of the simulated truck are not as large as that of the 1:10 climbing car, which is suitable for the use of the through bridge. However, if the 1:10 climbing car uses a combination of one large and two small three-bevel gear through-bridges, it will double the probability of battle damage to the second axle. Therefore, on the AT6, we used a transfer bridge to connect the third axle to reduce the chance of battle damage.

Optimized and adjusted equipment:

The front independent differential lock servo can control the opening and closing of the differential lock better and more flexibly.

Low center of gravity, light weight, small volume all-metal gear two-speed gearbox and reasonable design of high and low speed ratio. The maximum reduction ratio of the low-speed gear is 49.8, which is suitable for climbing with a large load. The matching high-speed gear reduction ratio is 25.2, which is double the speed of the low-speed gear, and it will not fall behind when traversing quickly. In 2021, some players will use this gearbox to break the top speed of AT4 to 110km/h. On this basis, the EMO AT6 also comes standard with a 550 high-torque motor.

Imported reinforced material gate bridge is adopted, and it has passed the impact test of real vehicles in many extreme cold regions such as Harbin, and has reached the best balance between steel and softness.

All-metal CNC-finished shock absorbers, with specially tuned springs, can provide the most flexible axle posture while satisfying support.

120*45, 1.9-inch MUD CLAWLER mud tires and lightweight sandwich wheels, the weight of the assembly is comparable to the “super wheel” made of carbon fiber. It can effectively reduce the load on the axle and enhance the explosive power of the whole vehicle. MUD CLAWLER mud tires are made of selected synthetic materials, and have also been recommended by many riders, and their performance is very outstanding.

The inner and outer roll cages of the whole vehicle are strengthened, and the front and rear bumpers and the middle net are uniformly made of high-quality nylon materials, which further protects the car shell from being damaged by rollover.

Cool lighting groups with 6 controllable modes, split lights, long lights, strobes, and bursts can be controlled at will.




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