AOUE MCL8 1/14 RC Hydraulic Wheel Loader


Product model: AOUE-MCL8,
Product name: hydraulic remote control wheel loader,
Product weight: 3.9KG
Product size: L 407* W 165* H 221 MM
Product material: aluminum alloy, stainless steel,
Product process: CNC, sheet metal welding, etching,
Product assembly: There are KIT parts and original color versions (excluding remote control and batteries);
RTR painting version (yellow and black), including remote control and batteries;
(both are equipped with electronic systems such as lights and sounds as standard)

Product function description:
1: Front and rear four-wheel drive, built-in differential locks on the front and rear axles;
2: The rear of the body is equipped with a towing hook;
3: Precise hydraulic system, more coordinated and smooth movements;
4: Hydraulic steering, adjustable front wheel tilt angle, precise steering;
5: Can open the door, cab, rear tailgate;
6: Including the whole car lights, simulated sound.


KIT version, RTR version


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