1/20 Liebherr Hydraulic Excavator R 9800


R 9800 – In stock

2022 new hydraulic excavator model;

Exclusive customized production on the whole network; genuine guarantee!

The whole process is CNC operated by technicians; as shown in the video, the machine arm is being produced.


Customized production in our own factory;

The chassis and fuselage can be quickly disassembled.

Product parameters:

color: White

Weight: 60KG

Product size: 1150*300*410MM

With lights, standard hydraulic sound;

Rotation radius: 800MM

Remote control: Fusi remote control i6s

Use brushless motor; 6354 drive;

1.5L gear oil pump; 3-way steering gear reversing valve;

4map hydraulic system standard pressure; burst pressure 8map;

The weight is 60KG, and the chassis and counterweight can be added by yourself.


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