1/16 KABOLITE K966 Hydraulic Loader


1/16 KABOLITE K966 Loader

Product details introduction:
1:Model: K966
2:Product name: 1:16 hydraulic all-alloy remote control bulldozer
3:Product size: 60.9*18.5*25.2cm
4:Battery parameters: 1865/7500MAH7.4v 5c with BHB board lithium battery pack *1, (battery included)
5:Battery pack charger parameters: B3 charger, charging current 1600 mA (flat pin plug-in cable, cable length 40CM)
6:Remote control battery parameters: 1.5V AA battery *4 (battery not included)
7:Brushless motor parameters: oil pump brushless motor (D2212)*1; drive brushless motor (D3530)*1; steering gear (DS-S09A)*5
8:Product weight: gross net weight 12.4/11.2KG, FCL net weight 12.4KG
Product selling points:
1. Based on the prototype design of the American CAT966 car model, the accurate ratio is 1:16, and the appearance of the real car is highly restored;

2. Details: Bucket, boom, body, undercarriage, cockpit details are prominent, engine compartment / center console / steering wheel / left and right rearview mirror / shift lever and other details are highly restored, wheels are highly simulated, all alloy products , The appearance adopts static electricity, pad printing and other processes in many places, and it has a wear-resistant texture. Restore the appearance of the vehicle to the greatest extent;

3. Structure: A. The hydraulic principle drives the push bucket, the boom, and the steering. It restores the operating feel of the real loader. B. The gearbox, which is driven by the principle of planetary gearbox, is driven by a brushless motor, and the material is powder alloy teeth. wheel. It can reduce noise and has super power with proportional output;

4. Remote control function: remote control of the vehicle forward, backward, left, right, boom up and down, variable speed function, differential function.
Hydraulic functions include: boom up and down, push arm up and down, and steering.
Light control: front light and rear light with LED light control function, which can control the LED light switch;

5. High-density EPP foam, exquisite packaging, good gifts;


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