1/14 RC Truck 6*6 JDM-180 Metal Dump Truck


Note: The remote control uses 4 AA batteries, the main car battery 11.1V3S lithium battery or 12V battery, and the battery connector is XT60.

Operation steps: first turn on the remote control, (the switch or knob of the remote control should be in the default position), then connect the main car power supply, wait for the signal sound to confirm the operation (about 5S), if you operate in advance, it is likely to make the power Tune into setting mode,As a result, the ESC cannot work normally.

Ratio: 1:14

Dimensions: length 674, width 227, height 273, unit MM

Wheelbase: front axle to middle axle 363, middle axle to rear axle 115, unit MM

Front shock absorber stroke: 20 MM

Gearbox: All-metal simulation planetary two-speed gearbox
Axle: Metal axle with differential lock function

Car shell: plastic simulation hard shell, with interior, the door can be opened, the hood can be opened, and the simulation car lights

Chassis: front suspension with anti-roll bar, all metal outside the battery box, simulation pedal, oil tank, exhaust pipe, metal beam, metal wheel hub, etc.

Remote control: Dumbo DUMBO-X6
ESC: Hobbywing 1060

Servo: Desheng customized version S15

Motor: Snow Leopard 35T

Oil pump: oil pump pressure 5 MPa

Cylinder: 5-section copper multi-stage cylinder

Fuel tank: aluminum alloy simulation fuel tank, please inject 120ML hydraulic oil (No. 32 or No. 46) for the first use
Battery specifications: 3S, 5200mAh, 11.1V, 25C or more; battery compartment size: 142*45*40MM (battery size is within this range)

Vehicle weight: 10KG

Theoretical load: 15KG

Total load weight: 25KG


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