1/14 RC Hydraulic Wheel Loader


Exclusive Custom Color Upgrade for 1/14 DOOSAN DL550 Hydraulic Loaders

New Upgraded Custom Version: Orange Loader

RTR-1:Loader model, remote control, audio group, lighting, manual quick connect, front fork cab, doll (supplied at random), stickers.

RTR-2:Loader model, battery, remote control, charger, charger power supply, audio group, lighting, manual quick connect, front fork cab, doll (supplied at random), stickers*2.

Brother model D2 new 1:14 Orange version full metal hydraulic loader model

Ratio: 1:14

Dimensions: length 720mm, width 255mm, height 275mm weight: 20kg

Minimum turning radius 300mm

Maximum turning angle 38 degrees

Maximum rising power: theoretical 35 kg

This configuration is equipped with a brother-made hydraulic system based on the empty machine. The brushless gear pump cooperates with the digital servo steering valve to move smoothly and quickly.

This configuration includes: sound group, lighting, manual quick connect, fork.

The new machine has the following upgrades compared to the previous generation:

① The axle is a brand-new metal wheel-side deceleration axle, the appearance is more simulated, the accuracy is high and the noise is low.

② Equipped with a manual quick-change joint, quick change between bucket and fork, the gameplay is more abundant.

③You can add sound groups when you play, and the whole car lights.

④The new cab adds interiors and dolls to make the overall details more simulation.

⑤Send a sticker for the whole car.


RTR-2, RTR-1


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