1/14 RC Hydraulic Telescopic Forklift Loader MH660-80


Ratio: 1:14

Size: length 553, width220, height 232, unit: MM

Weight: KG, plus remote control 9.6KG

Lifting force: A. Telescopic arm back 4 kilograms

B.Telescopic arm after stretching out, 1.5 kilograms

C. Bucket flip force 2kg

Vehicle Standard accessories: bucket fork hydraulic grab, front and rear axle with differential block, front and rear axle can be steered, four-way hydraulic valve, with hydraulic quick release, change tools faster

2. Battery description:

1. Remote control fussi6s uses 4 sections 5No. Battery

2. Main vehicle battery: 11.1V 3S lithium battery(Battery connector is XT60)

3. Battery size: 100mm long, 35mm wide and 35mm high

3. Boot operation steps:

1. Confirm that the remote control CH5/8 switch position is upward and the CH6/7 switch is in the middle position. The control lever is returned to the middle position, and the switch can be turned on after confirmation.

2. Turn on the remote control switch (press and hold the two switches 2s at the same time), and the interface display is turned on

3. The battery is connected to the power supply of the main vehicle,Waiting for signal sound (about 5S),It can be operated after confirmation


1.If the boot operation sequence is reversed, the electrical adjustment will enter the setting mode, causing the electrical adjustment to fail to work properly.

2. Remote control battery installation: pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the battery for installation.

3.Before installing the main vehicle battery: measure the voltage first, and the voltage cannot be lower11V.


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