1/14 RC 793D Hydraulic Mining Truck


Full alloy 1/14 scale electric hydraulic toy model large size tramcar
The net weight of the whole machine is 27kg, the structure is exquisite, and the shape is delicate.

Size: 55cm long and 36cm wide.

With differential speed. Can rotate on one side of the wheel. Knuckle mechanic is a large torque steering gear. Drive motor is 24v dual motor.

The maximum lifting is 50kg. Load 75kg. The shock absorption effect of this car is also excellent. Not easy to roll over.

The power is rear drive dual motor with damping spring.
The vehicle has 4 first illuminant headlight, and the night lighting is very bright.

The whole machine is produced in batches by factories, not by manual small workshops. Good quality. Not easy to damage.

The body load of 200kg can be driven on the flat road. Very strong.

The battery is equipped with a set of 24V15A discharge lithium ion battery pack. Capacity is 12AH, endurance is about 2.3 hours

The following is a picture of the car in kind:

Fuel tank:

24V battery voltage display:

Remote control:


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