1/14 RC 3-in-1 Crawler Loader Forklift


Scale: 1:14
Dimensions: length 627 (bucket flat), width 220 (bucket end face), crawler width 200, height 278, unit MM
Vehicle weight: 15KG, packaged 18KG
Theoretical rising force: 13KG (big arm lift)
Remote control: Fusi FS-i6S uses 4 AA batteries (please confirm the positive and negative poles when connecting)
Power supply voltage: 3S lithium battery, 5200mAh, 11.1V, above 25C; battery compartment size: length 135MM width 30MM height 50MM size
Main car battery installation: first measure the voltage (battery and power display need to be purchased separately), the voltage should not be lower than 11.1V
Sound system: buy separately
Hydraulic pump: flow rate 0.8L/MIN, rated pressure 3MPA, limit pressure 5Mpa.
Reversing valve: Miniature 3-way cock type reversing valve with neutral return oil.
Lighting system: standard
Sound system: standard
Precautions: When the boom is at the lowest bucket and falls to the maximum angle, the boom cannot be lifted up, otherwise the bucket cylinder will be damaged or the pipe will burst.
Due to the large mass of the whole vehicle, it is necessary to avoid collision when handling, otherwise the bucket cylinder will be damaged. New car hydraulic oil should be added to 80 ml



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