1/14 Liebherr L 580 Hydraulic Loader


Product net weight: 35 catties
The whole vehicle plus packaging is about 28 kg
Material- body: steel plate, aluminum alloy, etc.
Transmission system: 550 two-speed planetary gear transmission + wheel side reduction axle
Hydraulic pump: Italian pump (factory 3.5mpa)
Hydraulic valve: chrome steel
Hydraulic cylinder: stainless steel and brass
Body size: 726*285*260mmMaximum rise force 10KG
Theoretical maximum lifting force 18KG
Steering form: hydraulic steering
The minimum ground clearance of the chassis is 54.5 (mm)
Remote control: FS-I6S remote control
Power supply voltage: 12V, using 3S lithium battery 5200MHA
(Length 120MM, width 45MM, height 30MM)

Batteries need to be purchased separately
Hydraulic pump: flow rate 1.2L/MIN, rated pressure 3.5MPA
(The hydraulic system uses No. 46 hydraulic oil by default)
Reversing valve: 3-way mid-position oil return high-power digital steering gear reversing valve
ESC: walking and rotating ESC: 35A
Main pump ESC: 50A


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