1/14 JDM-198 Hydraulic Loader


The whole vehicle is equipped with RTR: standard remote control, ESC, steering gear, light, sound group, motor;
RTR-A options include : battery, and charger.

Product Specifications:
Scale: 1/14
Model: ZW370 LOADER
Dimensions: length: 710MM (bucket flat), width: 250MM (tire end), height: 268MM
Vehicle weight: 16.5KG
Theoretical rise force: 15KG (boom lift), theoretical traction force: 30KG
Power supply voltage: 11.1V-12V, 3S lithium battery (size: within 13*4*2.5CM)
Sound system: standard
Lighting system: standard configuration, low beam, high beam, fog lights, dome lights;
Hydraulic pump: flow rate: 0.8L/min, rated pressure: 2.5MPA, ultimate pressure: 5MPA;
Reversing valve: miniature 3-way plug-type reversing valve with neutral oil return;
Gearbox: planetary two gears, first gear ratio 1:64, second gear 1:16;
Axle: speed ratio 1:10.4, differential lockable;

Note: When the boom is at the lowest position and the bucket is down, the boom cannot be lifted up for operation, otherwise the bucket cylinder may be damaged;
Due to the heavy weight of the whole vehicle, it is necessary to avoid impact during transportation, otherwise, the axle and bucket cylinder will be damaged.
New car hydraulic oil should be added to 150 to 200 ml.


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