1/14 Hydraulic Forklift


JDM-121  1/14 Forklift All Metal

Ratio: 1:14
Dimensions: length 311.5, width 115.6, height 210, unit MM
Weight: 3.64 KG, plus remote control 4.2KG
Lifting force: 1.5 kg
The hardness of tire rubber: 45 degrees
Remote control: FS-I6S, equipped with 6-channel receiver (need to be purchased separately)

Remarks: The remote control uses 4 AA batteries
Main car battery: 7.4V 2S lithium battery 
(battery connector is XT60) charge 3C, discharge 20C

Battery size: length 83MM width 40MM height within 16MM size (battery and power indicator need to be purchased separately)

Operation method:

1. Before turning on the remote control, please check that the position of each switch is up and the joystick is back to the neutral position, and then you can turn on the switch after confirmation.

2. Turn on the remote control switch (the remote control switch should be in the up position),

3. Connect the main vehicle power supply and wait for the signal to confirm before operation (about 5S)


1. If you operate in advance, it is very likely that the ESC will enter the setting mode, which will cause the ESC to not work normally.

2. Remote control battery installation: pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the battery during installation.

3. Before installing the main vehicle battery: measure the voltage first, and the voltage cannot be lower than 7.4V.


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