1/14 ET36L Three-section Arm Hydraulic Excavator


Product configuration:
Model: ET36L
Name: 3-section arm hydraulic excavator
Net weight: 18.7KG
Size: 789*245*253MM
material: metal

Product Assembly Status:
There are KIT original dispersion version, RTR spraying version, equipped with lights, without sound group, battery and remote control, players need to prepare by themselves.
(If you need a remote control and customized colors, please consult the store customer service!)

Product function description:
Three-section digging arm, large cylinder design, more flexible contraction;
Using a newly designed relief valve, the oil circuit system is more reliable;
80% of the oil circuit system is fully copper welded, and 90% of the whole machine is made of metal;
Full machine lighting, with simulated electronic display;
Precision hydraulic system: the movement is more coordinated and smooth.


KIT Version, yellow RTR, blue RTR


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