1/14 E010 Electric Excavator


1/14 RC E111 Hydraulic Excavator 

Scale: 1:14

Model: E010,E111

Size: length 60cm* width 20cm* height 21cm

Material: aluminum alloy, zinc alloy

Color: Yellow

Remote control radius: 50 meters and above

Operating time: 60 minutes

Walking maximum speed: 0.8km/h

Maximum climbing angle: 45

Walking linearity; forward 6m offset 5

Continuous play life: 5H

Rotation speed: 12s/min

Charging time: <4h

Product function: Product function: forward, backward, left turn, right turn, rotation, boom lift, arm lift, bucket lift, lighting, manual door opening and closing, etc.

Delivery list: excavator + remote control + battery + manual + cab doll

Actual product pictures:



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