1/14 946EW Hydraulic Excavator


The color does not represent the actual color, W is medium white, Y is medium yellow

946EW machine information:

1.8 Medium hydraulic valve
2. Hydraulic working pressure 4Mpa
3. The oil ring is inside, the body rotates infinitely
4.4 Driving wheel
5. Automatic center position steering system
6. Automatic bucket
7. Digital hydraulic gauge
8. The cabin LCD display
9.14 channel remote control
10. It has a sound and light system
11. Standard large and small buckets, ripper, hydraulic bucket or wide bucket or R&T hydraulic valve
12. With spare parts by default: screws, gaskets, connectors, hoses, rubber rings
13. Made of stainless steel, aluminum, copper drill bit plastic
Machine weight: 21KG
Battery space: 180×60×35mm
Choose XT60, 3S lipid linker




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