1/12 RC Hydraulic Excavator


Product configuration:

Brushed version configuration: walking worm gear motor, rotating as a brushed planetary reducer, 5CM three-rib track, 4mm hose, without lighting system, etc.

Brushless version configuration: brushless rotating motor, brushless walking motor, 6.5CM mine version, upgraded copper tube, one-key light control system.
A brief introduction to the difference between brushed and brushless versions.

The brushed version has less walking strength and can only play on flat roads.
The brushless version is powerful and can be played on ordinary shallow mud and sand.

The entire frame and body are all welded steel plates, and the crawler is made of open molds.
All metal materials in the structure part, and the paint is made by professional factory batch baking paint.The boom and small boom buckets are hydraulically driven. The walking rotation is driven by a motor.

3D printed cab. The structure is more realistic.

The maximum pressure of the power oil pump can reach 10 pressures, but the pipe can’t stand so much,
Therefore, it is safer to control the working pressure within 5 pressures, and it will not burst the pipe.
The oil pump comes with an adjustable relief valve.

The whole machine is made in batches in factories, not in small workshops. Good quality and not easy to damage.

The body can carry 150 pounds and can travel on flat roads. The strength is very strong, and the big arm can easily lift a bucket of water without any problem.
The following are actual pictures:

The length of the chassis including the track is about 40CM,
Brushless version with: 6.5CM wide track,
Brushed version with: 5CM wide track,
Thickened zinc alloy material.

Above: The maximum excavation height is about 90CM

Above: The height of the bucket from the ground is about 33CM

Above: The height of the cab is about 26CM

Above: View of the whole machine, taken in kind

Above: The brushless version is equipped with a market oil filter and a high-end radiator.

Above: The hood is equipped with a folding support rod, which can be easily retracted. There is a master switch and charging interface when opening the cover.
The three doors of the fuselage can be opened, the cab door, and the toolbox cover can be opened, see the picture for details.

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REASONS TO BUY:✨ Rc excavator hydraulic metal: the rc excavator is equipped with a brushless metal model, which can be used to collect dust and dirt. 
✨ Excavator rc model 1 12: suction cup rc model: one-piece centrifugal motor (rc) with condensing motor, independent motor unit for power and speed. 
✨ Excavators 1 8 rc toys: large rc car toys allow children to crawl, play and learn more easily. one side has rcs for easy access to the inside of the car. 
✨ Versatile occasions: the hydraulic excavator can be used in various occasions, such as cars, motorcycles, motor vehicles, etc. 

BUYER SAYS:✨ All metal good communication with the seller. 

RELATED INFO:✨ 1 12 rc excavator hydraulic: rc excavator: the hydraulic car toy is equipped with four rc excavator parts, which are more convenient for you to operate.

Brushed version, Brushless version


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