1/12 Hydraulic Excavator 6015B


Customizable colors
Exclusive custom new model
1/12 CAT 6015B Hydraulic Excavator Model,
The fuselage is all made of 304 stainless steel.
Brushless configuration of the whole car.
Product weight: 58KG
Packing size: 120*50*50CM; 80KG
The dimensions of the chassis are 36 cm wide and 51 cm long,
The size of the whole machine is about 1.1 meters in length at the retracted arm and about 1.38 meters in the outstretched arm.
The height from the ground to the counterweight is about 33 cm
18 channels

The length of the closing arm of the whole machine is 1.1 meters

The outrigger is 1.38 meters, and the height from the ground to the counterweight is 33 cm.

The 6015B excavator is made of metal with rich details, such as a powerful oversized bucket and a pressure gauge hidden in the right door. There are also details such as grilles, metal pipes, guide rails, wall lamps, lamps, and fences. The lights, cab interior, and excavator with remote control make the 6015B very real and can be called a boutique.


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