1/12 Hydraulic Excavator 339D


1/12 RC Hydraulic Excavator 339D Metal Excavator Model Boy Toy




•Packing size100*37*37cm

•New steel plate welding, including the cab, bucket, large arms, chassis support, sturdier.

• Driving speed: 310 meter per hour

• Dig depth: 405mm

• Length: 1.05meter/45inch

• Width: 240mm

• Height: 790mm

• Deadweight: 18kg/44lbs

• Custom 10 channel 2.4Ghz radio

• Scale operator station (can fit a driving figure and seat optional)

• Metal molded tracks (50mm width)

• Efficient under carriage with tracks

• Reliable hydraulic valve and adjustable pump

• Undercarriage rotate 360 degrees (endless)

• Powder coated in yellow

• Massive brushless system (hydraulic)

• 400Kv brushless monster torque motor (4130 OutRunner, 6mm shaft)

• Belt/track is track is controlled individually

• Run time is: 40-50 minutes (6500mAh battery)

• Digging force: 15kg/33pounds

• Operating oil pressure: 20Bar, 290psiecorate-content” data-spm-anchor-id=”a2g0o.detail.1000023.i0.1744quMKquMKW2″>


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