1/10 1:10 15KM/H RC Car Axial


Imported brand Axial newly launched 2.0 ghost tube-frame climbing car. This car inherited the main climbing frame of the old ghost. On the original basis, it is equipped with 2.2-inch tire lock wheels and 2.2 Falken WILDPEAK M/T tires. The high ground clearance brought by the super large diameter tires greatly improves the climbing ability of the vehicle. In addition, the gearbox of this car is equipped with a two-speed modification interface, which gives players the possibility to modify high and low speed gears, and also brings another way of playing for the tube-frame climbing car.

Brand: AXIAL

Model: AXI03016

Ratio: 1:10

Frame: RR10

Type: Assembled version (RTR)

Power: Brush

Remote control: DX3

Net weight: 2.8kg

Buy separately: battery, charger


Blue, Black


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